Niagara 4: Driver

A Niagara-compatible driver for every need

Niagara Framework® provides an open platform used by developers around the world to create solutions for today's challenges within buildings and beyond. This rapidly growing collection of drivers is unmatched in the industry.

We are the right development partner when it comes to Niagara-compatible drivers or applications. Our team is available to ensure that our customized Niagara drivers meet your requirements. We will develop the right driver for you. As a Tridium Niagara Certified Developer, we offer a range of professional services and partnerships to integrate Niagara products and Niagara consulting and support for development teams.

MQTT and JSON Toolkit

WEBvisu goes MQTT

By combining the Niagara JSONToolkit and the Niagara MQTT-Driver, JACE controllers can be made MQTT-capable. The MQTT driver implements the transport of data using the MQTT protocol, while the JSON toolkit provides tools for processing JSON-encoded data. This means that MQTT-capable sensors and actuators can now also be connected to the Niagara platform.


PsEHZDriver for Niagara AX and N4

Electronic household meters in the Niagara world

The AX / N4 driver connects the electronic household meter with the Niagara world. These meters are already standard in large parts of Europe and will be generally introduced in the next few years. The SML protocol used works for all types of meters (water, gas, heat,...). If required for other meter types, please contact us.

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Add On for N-Driver

Serial interfaces for Niagara in large numbers and everywhere. For the Niagara AX and N4 Framework, PsSerComOverTelnet is an extension of the N-Driver that can be used to considerably increase the number of serial interfaces. In addition, these are not tied to a specific location, as they are realized via Ethernet to serial adapters.

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