Our Services

ProSystems is your specialist in system integration. With our many years of experience, we offer you a professional platform of our services. The project execution takes place either in a team with your employees in your system environment or in coordination with your specialist department in our company. 

Our range of services includes the implementation of complete projects in the field of IT-based automation, from the field device level to the interfaces for PPS, MES or ERP systems. We are always working to expand our range of services to include new areas of expertise, especially in the fields of energy, building automation and building management systems, as well as additional development, consulting and support services.

Our services include:

  • System analysis
  • Software development
  • Commissioning
  • System maintenance and support
  • Creation of functional specifications
  • Documentation and training

Our areas of expertise:

  • Building and energy management
  • Building management system
  • Acquisition and evaluation of building data
  • Process control engineering
  • Process data visualization
  • Automation
  • computer-aided measurement, control, regulation
  • Microcontrollers and embedded systems
  • database applications
  • system integration

We develop automation solutions for:

  • the acquisition of process variables and measurement data
  • the processing of digital and analog data
  • the individual evaluation of process data
  • the graphical processing of process data using standard software
  • connection to commercial management systems
  • the solution of problems of data acquisition and data conversion in process environments
  • System software

We are your systems integration specialist

We create the required interfaces for:

  • Process periphery
  • Bus systems
  • Interface protocols
    • Ethernet, RS 485, RS 232 radio
  • Standard software
  • Databases

on different hardware and software platforms.

Process data processing and acquisition

We let the devices and systems of process data processing and process data acquisition communicate with each other. This makes it possible to display the data of a manufacturing process

  • displayed "live" in a visualization system,
  • to prepare it for a graphical representation
  • store it in a database for archiving purposes,

... or to deliver it directly to your management system.