Niagara UI development

The custom user interface you design to provide relevant data to end users has a major impact on project success. To support efficient UI development, Niagara not only offers the visualization enhancements of the HTML5 standard, but also supports tag-based graphics. The Niagara Analytics package is natively integrated into Niagara Supervisor and provides data sources, functional and mathematical programming blocks that enable sophisticated analytical algorithms. Click here to learn more about tagging in action and review the features and use cases of Niagara Analytics.

OAS Supervisor Utilities Application

the digitization of building technology

Do you want to create BMS solutions with complex building and plant structures very quickly, super-effectively and in a structured manner? With the "OAS Supervisor Utilities Application" you are able to do this. From simple smart buildings to complex smart city or campus solutions.

Embedded in the BACnet® certified Niagara Supervisor, the OAS Supervisor Utilities Application enables the rational, structured and semi-automated creation of an open BMS, energy management or SCADA solution. Whether locally, stand-alone on the customer server, in the customer data center or as a cloud-based portal solution: each solution offers secure, reliable and trouble-free system integration with a high level of user-friendliness.

OAS Supervisor Utilities; BMS powered by niagara

The OAS Supervisor Utilities Application is part of the OAS portfolio of controller/server products, software applications and tools based on the Niagara Framework®.

It offers intelligent functionalities at server level for the structured and scalable integration of simple to complex plant, campus, building and system structures across all building services. The freely scalable integration of networks from integration platforms such as JACEs, Niagara Edge or third-party systems are also part of the OAS solution for the efficient installation / creation of a BMS or SCADA solution according to customer requirements.

Using the OAS Supervisor Utilities Application

Version update OAS Supervisor Utilities: Optimized design, improved BMS functionality. The latest version of the OAS Supervisor Utilities application offers a favorites bar, a full-screen mode and the ability to expand and collapse menus. This makes it even easier to display diagrams and trends. The functional display of room automation solutions, heating and ventilation systems enables efficient and safe operation.

The "OAS Supervisor Utilities Application" is our powerful engineering toolset embedded in the Niagara Framework®. Application developers can use it to easily and efficiently set up BMS solutions in complex building and system structures. Our Supervisor Utilities Application supports building solutions of all kinds, from smart buildings to complex smart city and campus solutions.

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